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Free Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva pictures - statue
A Mi Tuo Fo Picture Gift From Us

We have:
    *     Kistigarbha Bodhisattva Pictures - A Mi Tuo Fo - Guan She Yin Pu sa - Ta She Che Pu Sa picture with two size 40cm x 90cm, and 40cm x 60cm
If you're interested, and wish to have one please Email to us. at earthstorebt@gmail.com. Include in your email the following information:
Subject: please select and type one of the following:
          *     Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Pictures
          *     Three Saints Picture
Picture name: (for example: DiaTang No 1 or DiaTang No 2 )
Your Name and Address: (please provide the full address such as street number, name, suite, city, zip code etc)
Contact Phone Number (in case we need to contact you)

Note: Since there are limited number of pictures for distribution, we will and can only send out one picture per address on a first come first serve basic. Currently, we don't have any more Ksitigarbha statue for distribution, if you happen to request one from us in the last three months, please re send your request with a new selection of the available pictures, we will send out to you when we received your emai. Thanks. A Mi Tuo Fo!

Dia Tang No 1
Dia Tang No 2
Dia Tang No 3
Dia Tang No 4
Dia Tang No 5
Tam Thanh
Three Saints